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Texas Assault Defense Attorneys

Serious criminal defense against serious criminal charges in San Antonio and beyond.

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Facing an assault charge is a serious matter. A conviction can lead to the possibility of jail time and fines. Additionally, it will be seen on criminal background checks years later and could result in job loss, loss of professional credentials and worse.

With so much at stake, you are right to be careful when choosing an attorney. You are right to make sure that you are picking a lawyer with qualifications that mean something, qualifications like those possessed by the Law Offices of Roland R. Esparza.

A Law Firm With Unrivaled Qualifications

When you choose our law firm to defend you against assault charges, you are not simply hiring a lawyer. Our lead attorney, Roland R. Esparza, is a former judge for the city of San Antonio.

This means that he has the ability to see a case from a judge's perspective. We will use this experience to help defend you against criminal charges that can have a devastating impact on your life.

Defending Against All Types of Assault Charges

Our law firm has the ability to defend you against assault charges that have emerged from bar fights or similar altercations in which alcohol was involved.

We also are available to defend you against assault charges related to domestic violence, such as cases involving fights at family gatherings or social events.

More than 16 Years of Experience

We are not new to the world of criminal defense. You can be confident that we have fought assault charges before and we have fought them successfully.

Never forget that you have constitutional rights that must be protected. Never forget that you have the right to enlist an attorney to fight for you. We will fight for you. We will see that your rights are protected when we defend you against assault charges.

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