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Hidalgo County to round up child support offenders

The issue and process of child support payments is one that is well-known and widely acknowledged in America as a just means of ensuring that, regardless of a parent's familial responsibility and commitment, they will at the very least remain financially committed to the healthy and stable upbringing of their children. Still, the sobering reality is that many absent parents opt to skip out on this commitment, leaving their own children and co-parent in jeopardy.

One Texas county is taking action to more aggressively enforce child support payments. In cooperation with the state Attorney General, the Hidalgo County Sheriff's Department last month began tracking down a list of 64 people who have neglected to pay the child support they're responsible for.

The 64 people actively being searched for are only a fraction of the complete list of Hidalgo County deadbeat parents. Those amongst the sought-after 64 owe back child support totaling anywhere from $1,000 to more than $100,000, with the group's grand total eclipsing $1.1 million.

Sheriff's officers have made note of the fact that those parents being pursued (of which the majority are men) have already had numerous opportunities to pay what they owe to support their own children. The Hidalgo County Sheriff himself referred to shirking child support payments as "a form of non-physical abuse."

Child support payments are more than just a monthly bill or membership fee. The money extracted from a non-custodial parents goes toward the provision of education, housing, and growth for children who must go without the direct presence and support of a mother or father. In order to keep parents true to their responsibilities and up to date on payments, a family law attorney's counsel may very well prove essential.

Source: KVEO, "Child Support Offender's Debt In The Millions In Hidalgo County," Erin Murray, Nov. 14, 2012

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