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Should church be punished for supporting divorce?

When some face hardships in their lives, the church is one of the first places that they turn to. Whether it is attending Sunday service, a weekly church group or reaching out to a pastor, being a part of a church community is often credited for keeping families together.

For a man in an out-of-state divorce process, he claims his wife's church did the opposite.

If you were having marriage problems, would you expect your church to support the option of getting a divorce? That answer is likely different for everyone and depends on the church that they attend. The husband in this notable story doesn't respect what his wife's church did to support her in choosing divorce and moving out.

He believes that it wasn't right for the church to help move his wife out of their place and that its actions are a response of retaliation because he wasn't interested in the church like his wife was. He has filed a civil suit against the church and seeks millions in damages, millions that it sounds like he could use now that his marriage is likely over.

According to the jilted husband, his wife brought in the majority of money in their household. Now that she has left him, he is unable to meet his financial obligations. Whether he is fighting for financial support through the couple's divorce process is undisclosed.

Our Texas family lawyers have experience fighting for the support that less well-off parties need during a pending divorce process and once the divorce is official. The court takes various aspects into consideration when determining spousal maintenance. We evaluate our clients' specific situations and provide guidance in order to get them to the best financial outcome of divorce that's possible.

Source: My Fox 8, "Man blames divorce on NC church, sues for $10 million," Lindsey Eaton, Jan. 29, 2013

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