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Transgender man fights for divorce to be granted

In an average divorce proceeding in San Antonio, you might find two people hashing it out over alimony, child support and dividing up community property, among other things. Very rarely do you find someone actually fighting for the right to pay alimony.

Authorities in Texas arrest 6 in delinquent child support sweep

The state of Texas is cracking down on deadbeat parents who don't pay their child support. Authorities are concerned with the fact that when one parent does not hold up his or her end of the bargain, the child is forced to go without. That means less resources for a child to take advantage of as they grow. When the child's needs are not met, it can affect not only the child, but the community as a whole.

Lottery winnings more than cover back child support payments

Family law issues are taken very seriously in Texas and most other states around the country. And in cases where kids are involved, the best interest of the children takes precedence in most legal proceedings. That is why requirements like child support payments are so vigorously enforced through legislation and the court system to help ensure children are taken care of and obligations are fulfilled. Every now and then, news breaks of someone being tried in court over an especially high back-child-support bill, and often times that person may be less than excited to pay up. Though, one recent case stands as an encouraging reminder that sometimes people just need the opportunity to do right by their family and the law.

$338 million Powerball winner owes $29,000 in back child support

Raising a child nowadays is not an inexpensive venture, to say the least. Children at the very least require food and clothing and a roof over their heads. Add to that academic and extracurricular activities and their associated fees along with entertainment expenses, and you can get an idea of how much money is required to bring a child up in San Antonio. When one parent does not contribute his or her own fair share to the raising of the child, it can really put a strain on the other parent and make the child suffer.

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