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Former NBA player sentenced to jail for unpaid child support

It is not uncommon to hear of divorced mothers in San Antonio who have custody of their children to end up on welfare for a time. Divorce can be tough financially, especially when spouses refuse to pay the required child support amount. It is hard to understand how a father could not feel responsible for his children, especially one who makes plenty of money.

Couple still battling over divorce issues 17 years later

In a typical divorce proceeding where children are involved in San Antonio, the issues can usually be resolved in about a year and the divorce can be granted. This allows both partners to move on and begin healing and helping their children to do the same. A prolonged divorce can not only have devastating effects on the two people involved, but on their children as well.

Usher's ex-wife requests custody of children after pool accident

When two people with children divorce, it is beneficial for the children's sake that the two come together and agree on the terms of the divorce, including who will get primary custody. Oftentimes, though, this isn't possible and it is necessary for a judge to decide what is in the best interests of a child. Sometimes this judgment may be called into question later in the event that an accident occurs.

New bill would ban rapists from seeking custody of victim's child

The fact that rapists can sue for custody or visitation of their victims' children in Texas may come as a surprise to most people. Many believe that the rapist would want nothing to do with the child, but this isn't always the case. A custody rights attorney says that often a rapist will use the child and tell his victim that they will go after custody of the child if the victim does not drop the criminal charges.

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