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Young boy found safe but now facing custody battle

Child custody battles can be one of the most emotional and sensitive situations that a family can face. It is always difficult to decide the fate of a child when a San Antonio couple decides to split up. However, it is important for all of the parties involved to keep the best interest of the children as the top priority.

TV News host avoids child support in divorce

When a couple decides to go their separate ways it is typically a difficult process. No one in San Antonio gets married with a plan to divorce. However, divorce happens and when a couple decides it’s time to split up there are several things that come into play in that decision, including spousal support, child custody and child support.

Major League Baseball star facing support and custody fight

Child support can often be a very unpleasant battle when a couple decides to split up, whether they are married or not. Unfortunately it is also a battle that can go on for years when parents don’t see eye to eye. When people in San Antonio who are dealing with child support issues can’t resolve their differences, they might end up in court.

Stress of military life can lead to divorce in Texas

Military life can be stressful on couples and families. Long deployments, constant moves to new locations, and living far away from relatives and friends can take its toll. During a long absence, the spouse who stays at home can feel unsupported and become depressed. Sometimes these issues resolve when the military member returns home, but other times the bond between the spouses is lost or irreparably damaged. Of course, the situation can become more complicated when there are children involved. If a member of the military returns home to San Antonio and cannot make a marriage work, the parties may benefit from a military divorce.

Court reaches decision in ongoing battle over Cherokee girl

When a person in San Antonio is involved in a child custody battle he or she should know and understand how the law works. There are so many factors that can come into play in a custody battle, and that can have an affect on the outcome.

Young boy waits to see family as his father awaits more charges

Whenever a child in San Antonio is put in the middle of a custody and visitation battle it can be very difficult for that child. That’s why it’s important for both parents to work together to make sure that the child receives the best possible outcome.

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