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Judge says famous singerís dad can pay less in child support

When you think of child support cases, your first thought is probably of a father who won’t pay the amount he is supposed to for his children. Although many child support battles in San Antonio and elsewhere do involve this exact scenario, not all child support cases are the same. Sometimes, these cases involve child support modifications for other reasons.

After marriage that lasted three days ex-wife suing for alimony

For many couples, including some in the San Antonio area, divorce can be a heartbreaking thing to experience. Unfortunately, many couples decide to go their separate ways even after years of marriage. On the other hand, some couples are only married for a short time before they decide to split up. So should all divorce settlements be treated the same?

Rapper going to court for child support and custody of new baby

Many times when a couple in San Antonio has a child outside of marriage and later decides to split up the custody of the child can come into question. Sometimes, only one parent wants to retain custody, in which case only the amount of child support that has to be paid will need to be decided. However, when both parents want to retain custody things can get a lot more complicated.

Could improving economy lead to higher divorce rate?

When a couple in the San Antonio area decides to split up and end their marriage there can be many consequences that follow. Divorce is usually not an easy decision and when a couple does decide to divorce they should consider all of the ways that decision will affect them, including financially. If you are facing a divorce you might want to weigh all of your options and all of the possible outcomes before making a final decision.

Judge orders man to pay more than $100K in overdue child support

Although child support is part of any divorcee that involves children, not every parent who is ordered to pay child support is willing to do so. In fact, many times parents in the San Antonio area, as well as anywhere else, skip out on their obligations. However, this can lead to legal troubles, including criminal prosecution.

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