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The ins and outs of child support in Texas

Couples in Texas who get divorced when they have children under the age of 18 still at home must generally agree on many things regarding the children. This includes with whom the children will live what holidays each parent will have with his or her children and who will have legal power to make major decisions for the children. In addition, one spouse is often required to make child support payments to the other spouse.

High asset divorce advice

Texas couples who face a high asset divorce have special financial concerns added to their list of challenges during this very difficult experience. Certainly those people with minor children must still wrestle with the emotions that surround child custody and visitation plans and the resulting loss of time with their children just like people in a non-high asset divorce. All couples getting divorced can benefit from financial guidance but the greater the asset levels, the more important it is to tread carefully at this time.

Divorce differences at each stage of life

Like a couple anywhere in the United States, a married couple in Texas can face the potential for a divorce at any point in a marriage. Whether together for a few months, a few years or a few decades, problems can mount to the point where one or both partners determines that staying married is not the choice to make. Every divorce carries with it a unique set of circumstances and those can sometimes be associated with the phase of life that people are in when they get divorced.

Irrevocable trust may provide asset protection in a divorce

Divorcing couples in Texas must wrangle with many decisions when navigating through the end of a marriage. Whether a high asset divorce or otherwise, property division is commonly one of the most hotly contested portions of many a divorce. In some cases, identification of separate and marital property may be clear but that cannot be counted on. Prenuptial agreements can be effective means of simplifying decisions about property division during a divorce but many couples do not have such contracts in place.

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