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Monitoring children's emotions for better divorce outcome

Legal decisions regarding the living arrangements for a child involved in divorce are intended to reflect the best interests of the child. As a result, parents often work closely with attorneys and mediators to develop the most appropriate and fair child custody agreement possible. However, there are instances where adjustments need to be made to custody and visitation arrangements if there is evidence that the child in question is not thriving under the set conditions.

International custody dispute lasts years

Every year, the Texas family law system is presented with hundreds of cases to determine custody arrangements for children in divorce disputes. The best interests of the child are considered and child custody judgments are intended to reflect the unique circumstances surrounding the specific case. Unfortunately, though, instances do arise where parents violate the terms of court orders and attempt to leave the country with their child.

Social media can compromise marital bliss

There’s no doubt that the institution of marriage has changed significantly over the past few generations. Modern couples continue to define what marriage means to them, and many throughout the state of Texas and beyond incorporate new social standards and devices into their marriages. Recent findings suggest, however, that some modern practices may be doing more harm to marriages than good.

Child support glitch results in jail time for father

Divorces involving minor children can be among the most complicated and heart-wrenching. Loss of time with children and the associated pain that brings is truly unparalleled in the world of divorce. Additionally, there are commonly financial impacts such as monthly child support payments. For spouses that are ordered to pay child support, the strain can be great if job situations or other incidents reduce their income. When this happens, child support enforcement can lead to wage garnishments or even jail time.

Staying in home better during a divorce

Texas residents that get divorced experience a wide range of changes in their lives. At least one if not both spouses in a marriage must move to a new home or residence. If minor children are involved, both parents frequently lose some time with those children. Financial assets are split or given up. Even friendships can suffer or be lost during the end of a marriage. The effects of a divorce run deep and last long indeed.

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