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Redefining divorce as a positive

Certainly, dissolving a marriage is no laughing matter. In fact, many people in the process of filing for divorce understand that it can be an incredibly emotional and difficult experience. It’s always worth remembering, however, that people have authority over the way they perceive and engage in such profound life transitions. Couples across the state of Texas and beyond can actually make their divorce a positive and uplifting experience for themselves and their loved ones.

The recent divorce of one couple may serve as a reassuring example that people really can come out of their marriage content and uplifted even. In the process of accounting for their family’s unique relationship and needs, the divorcing couple made efforts to develop custody arrangements for their dog. As a result, their furry friend is guaranteed the opportunity to spend time with both of them together every weekend. And while the ex-husband noted that such an agreement seemed a little strange to their family and friends, it helped to set the tone for a peaceful and positive divorce.

Another fairly unconventional step that the divorcing parties took to signify the end of their marriage and include their loved ones in the experience was to take a picture of themselves with their divorce documents. The ‘selfie’ depicts the two smiling widely with paper in hand. The now ex-couple says that they are happy and thankful for the relationship that they had together.

Obtaining a divorce in the state of Texas is often an incredibly significant event in people’s lives. Therefore, it’s important that people approach the process in a way that is most helpful and healing to them. Speaking with an attorney about one’s unique concerns and/or feelings about the process is one important way of ensuring that the experience is constructive.

Source: The Huffington Post, “What Happened When We Posted A ‘Divorce Selfie’ On Facebook,” Brittany Wong, Aug. 26, 2014

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