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Can I go to jail for not paying child support?

Child support arrangements are legally binding in the state of Texas, and are therefore enforceable under the law. As a result, parents who fail to comply with the terms of an established child support agreement can be subject to a number of enforcement procedures and/or legal penalties. If your child’s other parent has failed to pay child support for whatever reason, he or she could be forced to pay monetary penalties and/or serve a jail sentence.

High-asset divorce reflects property division issues

Given that the accurate classification and valuation of marital assets can play a major role in the property division process, the existence of a prenuptial agreement can have a significant impact on Texas divorce proceedings. One recent divorce settlement exemplifies the complexities that can arise over such factors, and illustrates how the outcome of a divorce can depend largely on difficult property division considerations.

Relocation and child custody

Given that divorce and other significant life events often compel people to move, the attorneys at the Law Office of Roland R. Esparza, P.C., can attest to the fact that child custody disputes over relocation are not uncommon. If you have physical custody of your child and are considering a big move, it can be helpful to know what factors may be taken into consideration by the Texas family law court in granting your request for child custody modifications. It is also important for you, as the non-custodial parent, to understand your rights in preventing your child from moving.

Texas common law guidelines at heart of divorce dispute

While more and more couples across the state of Texas and the entire country are choosing to live together and start families out of wedlock, state guidelines regarding common-law marriage can complicate the dissolution of such relationships. In fact, some people can find themselves facing the prospect divorce without ever being married.

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