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Liens as a child support enforcement technique

As a parent, you are probably well acquainted with the many practical and financial obligations that go along with taking care of your children. You may also know, then, how difficult it can be to provide for your kids’ needs and interests when child support is not consistently provided by your children’s other parent. At the Law office of Roland R. Esparza, P.C., we make it a priority to enforce the terms of a valid child support agreement under whatever means necessary, including imposing liens on parents’ personal accounts in some cases.

What are military child support guidelines?

If you or your child’s other parent are a member of the armed forces, you may have questions or concerns over how child support arrangements are determined and enforced for service members. In addition to being bound by state and federal child support guidelines, military members are obligated to comply with mandates outlined by their appropriate branch of service.

Enforcing the terms of a divorce decree

We here at the Law Office of Roland R. Esparza, P.C., have handled many cases where one or both divorced parties failed to comply with the terms of their finalized divorce settlement. Sometimes there is confusion over the language of a divorce decree, while there are other instances where one ex-spouse simply refuses to meet his or her legal obligations. If you or your ex-husband or wife have not met any or all of the provisions outlined in your divorce decree, it is important to understand if and how such guidelines are enforced under Texas state law.

Divorce-related tax considerations

When Texas residents find themselves confronted by the prospect of divorce, taxes may be the last thing on their minds. This is the time of year, however, when it is important to consider if and how divorce proceedings can impact the tax-filing process.

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