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Prenuptial agreements: what they are and what they can do

Of all the questions that people have when they get married in Texas, few may be about divorce issues. However, many marriage experts and financial advisors agree that discussing the possibility of divorce prior to getting married can help couples build the foundation for a solid union. Developing a prenuptial agreement can help people maintain their personal property rights, while outlining the financial terms of a marriage before it begins.

Divorce-related money matters

The process of evaluating and dividing assets at the end of a marriage can be rather complex, depending on family income and other factors. Similarly, San Antonio residents can find themselves confronted by a number of unexpected financial concerns during and after divorce proceedings. Provided below are a few financial considerations that people can keep in mind as they proceed with divorce arrangements to help ensure that their personal finances and interests are accounted for at every stage of the process.

Can I request supervised visitation in my divorce?

You, like so many parents across the state of Texas, may have serious concerns for your child’s safety and well-being as you enter into divorce proceedings. You may be afraid that your child could be subjected to mistreatment in the hands of his or her other parent. It could also be a possibility that your soon-to-be ex-husband or wife would not comply with the terms of your child custody and visitation order. In any case, it is helpful to know when supervised visitation is necessary, and how it can be established in your case.

Determining where to file for military divorce

If you are an active-duty member of the armed forces or are married to a service member, you are probably well acquainted with moving often. In fact, your family may have changed cities and military posts multiple times during the course of you or your spouse’s career so far. In the event that you are currently considering divorce, you may have questions about where you should file your divorce suit. That is why the attorneys at the Law Office of Roland R. Esparza, P.C., work with our clients to identify the most appropriate state for pursuing a fair and equitable divorce.

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