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July 2015 Archives

Escaping an abusive spouse

For San Antonio residents looking to escape abusive marriages, fear is often an almost-constant companion. Even after they’ve left their spouses, emotional abuse will often continue through harassment and stalking. Indeed, the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence reports that 1 in 7 women claim to have been stalked by a former partner. Often, an abuser will use stalking or intimidation in order to force a reconciliation or to gain the upper hand in divorce proceedings. Thus, those seeking a divorce from their abusers should consider filing for a restraining order.

Smith County man’s child support payments stolen by employer

For those parents in San Antonio who are required by their divorce decrees to pay child support, the responsibility for ensuring that those payments are made lies solely on them. For many, the easiest way to guarantee that the money gets to their children is to ask their employers to simply withhold the amount that they owe from their paychecks. In most cases, companies will honor such requests. However, recent stories are starting to surface about employers abusing the trust that their employees have placed in them.

Reviewing grandparent visitation in Texas

From property division to adoption and spousal support, there are many family law issues that Americans deal with. However, for grandparents who cannot spend time with their grandchildren in San Antonio, and the rest of Texas, family legal issues can be particularly emotional. For grandparents who are in this position, recognizing grandparents' rights and taking the wisest course of action as soon as they can is important.

What is an LES?

When military couples in San Antonio choose to divorce, there are a number of unique military documents that need be examined relative to their proceedings. One of these is a Leave and Earnings Statement, and while you and your spouse may be well-acquainted with it, you may not realize just how important it can be during a divorce. The website Military.com reported that the divorce rate amongst military families was 3.1 percent in 2014. If you and your spouse are among those numbers, having a strong knowledge of how your documents apply to your military divorce proceedings is vital.

Authorities apprehend several people over unpaid child support

From custody disputes to property division, divorce often presents a number of challenges for couples. However, child support matters can be particularly difficult for some people in San Antonio, and across the entire state of Texas. There are a number of child support issues people deal with, whether someone is not receiving child support they deserve or is worried about not being able to pay their child support. For people in this position, properly addressing their troubles in a timely manner is absolutely necessary.

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