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The child support payment formula in Texas

San Antonio parents who choose to divorce almost inevitably have questions when it comes to determining child support payments. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, over $37 billion in such payments was due in 2011. Given the amount of money involved, the responsibility to ensure that child support is determined equitably is left to state family courts.

Alabama governor and wife ask for privacy as divorce goes forward

The last thing that divorcing couples in San Antonio want is to have the details of their marriages as well as their divorce proceedings to become public knowledge. Often, people are not their best selves when dealing with all of the emotions that lead to a divorce. Thus, they’d rather not have any arguments, fights, or other elements of their crumbling marriages come to light. Part of it may be because of embarrassment, but also part of it is no doubt to due to the possibility of their words or actions being used against them. Yet no matter how a hard a couple presses to have their privacy respected, it doesn’t always happen.

The Best Interest of the Child standard in Texas

In many divorce cases in San Antonio, men may enter the child custody stage of their proceedings thinking that they have little to no shot of being awarded custody of their kids. Statistics seems to back up this assumption. According to DivorcePeers.com, mothers are awarded sole custody in an average of 72 percent of cases nationally.

Estate Planning and Divorce

For many of those in San Antonio who come to see us here at The Law Office of Roland R. Esparza, estate planning is the last thing on their minds. Yet if you’ve recently divorced, have you considered the implications that may have on your estate? If you have yet to give any real thought to how your assets will be disbursed once you are gone, the immediate aftermath of a divorce is a great time to start.

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