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Chris Rock’s prenuptial agreement voided by sunset clause

For many San Antonio couples planning to get married in the near future, the idea of singing a prenuptial agreement may be the furthest thing from their minds. They may feel as though such a document signals that one or both harbor doubts that the marriage will last. However, in looking at the situation from a broader perspective, all a prenuptial agreement does is guarantee that if the marriage does end, both will take out of it whatever they brought in. Those who do choose to draft an agreement should know, though, that certain provisions can leave them unprotected.

Houston man hopes to bring son back from Brazil

Divorced couples in San Antonio are still required to place a good deal of trust in each other if they happen to have children. That trust centers on them believing that their ex-spouses will continue to respect their parental rights and not do anything that would compromise their relationships with their kids. This trust of often put to the test when one spouse travels with the kids, particularly to another country. Sadly, in many cases, such travels are simply a way for him or her to completely sever ties with the other parent and wrest the control of custody away.

Explaining the 20/20/20 Rule

The families of servicemen and women in San Antonio enjoy a number of benefits provided by the military. As is the case when most couples divorce, non-military spouses may often wonder if any of those benefits continue after their separations. Information recently reported in USA Today showed that in 2011, the divorce rate amongst military families reached its highest levels in nearly 12 years. As such, it may benefit for non-military spouses to understand what their benefits rights are if they are considering a divorce.

Enforcing child support obligations through a license suspension

Here at the Law Office of Roland R. Esparza, P.C., we work with many clients who are struggling to get their ex-spouses to honor their child support agreements. If you are like most of those we have helped to resolve this issue, then you are probably not aware of the many methods the state is allowed to employ to collect un-paid child support. One such method that often proves to be extremely effective is suspending an obliged parent’s driver’s license.

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