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Can you compel a serviceman to take a paternity test?

Given San Antonio’s proximity to several military installations, it may come as little surprise for some to see the many military members involved in romantic relationships with local residents. If you are involved in such a relationship and you end up having a child, then the issue of military benefits comes into play. I you choose not marry the serviceman, and he ultimately disputes the possibility of him being the child’s father, then you may be left of facing the challenge of establishing paternity through the assistance of the military.

Defining wage and salary presumption guidelines for child support

Here at The Law Office of Roland R. Esparza, P.C., many of the San Antonio clients with whom we work question how to accurately determine how much a parent can reasonably pay in child support. If you and your ex-spouse are able to come to an agreement on child support on your own, then the court will likely respect that. However, if you are not, then the decision of determining child support payments falls to the courts own formula. Before applying that formula, however, the assets that your ex-spouse has available from which to make child support payments must be determined.

One-sided prenup denies hedge fund manager’s ex-wife alimony

For many San Antonio couples, the idea of signing a prenuptial agreement may seem like throwing a wet blanket over their burgeoning romance. Yet for those who bring significant assets into a marriage, such an agreement may be the only way to avoid losing a large portion of those assets should the marriage fail. Conversely, those asked to sign a prenuptial agreement by their wealthier partners may not wish to do so blindly. While the thought of the marriage not lasting may seem remote at the time, they may want to ensure that should it end, their prenuptial agreement provides them with favorable terms.

What authority do you have beyond basic parental rights?

For divorced parents in San Antonio, the rights that each has in regards to providing and caring for their children can often be a point of contention. The law grants you as a parent certain rights regardless of whether you have been named the managing or possessory conservator of your children. However, extended rights and duties are also granted exclusively to the managing conservator. You may want to familiarize yourself with these privileges if this is the role that you are granted as part of your child custody agreement.

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