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December 2016 Archives

Can my ex-spouse’s license be suspended for noncompliance?

Coming to terms on a divorce agreement is just the first step in moving on from your marriage in San Antonio; you then must hope that your now ex-spouse adheres to it. If he or she refuses to, you do have options through which you can ask the court to compel him or her to do so. Most often assume that any enforcement measures that the court may take against one who has failed to follow the terms of his or her divorce agreement will be financial. That is often how the recovery of divorce-related arrears begins, yet if your ex fails to respond to those, are their other enforcement options at your disposal?

Detailing Texas’ standard possession order guidelines

Children in San Antonio have been shown to benefit from having both the influence of a father and mother in their lives. Yet with the U.S. Census Bureau reporting that over 26 percent of children in the U.S. live in homes with only one of their parents present, filling that need for parental guidance from both sides may be difficult. Texas law encourages both parents to remain in constant contact with their children following divorce. Thus the need for a standard possession order.

How long will your kids remain eligible for TRICARE?

If you are a military service member in San Antonio that is currently going through a divorce, then you may be wondering what sort of benefits that your ex-spouse and children will receive once your marriage has legally ended. Of all of the benefits that service members and their families receive, one of the most valued may be health insurance coverage through TRICARE (given the high cost of health care). Once your divorced is finalized, your ex-spouse’s TRICARE coverage ends at 12:01 that very day. Yet what about your kids?

Maintaining electronic communication with your kids

It has been our experience here at The Law Office of Roland R. Esparza, P.C. that despite any disagreements divorcing couples in San Antonio may have with each other, their love for their children remains unchanged by their marital status. Following your separation, you and your ex-spouse will likely have to work together to come up with an amicable custody agreement (or have one assigned to you by the court). Yet what if you want to continue to communicate with your children even while they are not in your custody? Would you be violating your agreement by doing so?