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Divorcing couple feuding over sale of art collection

Couples in San Antonio are often encouraged to consider creating a prenuptial agreement to help protect any assets that they may bring into their marriages. The hope is that by doing so, any disputes over the ownership of such assets (or how any assets the couple chooses to acquire together will be divided) can be avoided. Yet even the presence of a prenuptial agreement may not eliminate the potential for disagreements over how it is enforced or interpreted. 

Registering paternity in Texas

Cases of unmarried couples having children together are not infrequent in San Antonio. If you happened to father a child with a woman to whom you are not married, you are not unlike many of those that we here at The Law Office of Roland R. Esparza, P.C. have worked with in the past. And just like those past clients, your decision to not marry your child's mother may not necessarily impact the love you feel towards him or her. Yet in such a case, how are you to prevent your child's mother from terminating your parental rights and/or putting your child up for adoption? 

Your parental rights following divorce

Child custody hearings can be stressful and nerve-wracking events for anyone going through a divorce in San Antonio. If you are currently in the middle of such proceedings, then you likely share the same fear of many of the clients that we here at The Law Office of Roland R. Esparza have worked with: that you may lose many of your parental rights if you are not named your children's managing conservator. Your concerns are understandable, given that it may be difficult to have a strong say in your kids' upbringing if they live with your ex-spouse a majority of the time. Yet you need not worry; the law respects your authority as their parent even if you are not their managing conservator. 

Covering a child support obligation through life insurance

Those in San Antonio that are obliged to pay child support likely have little problem in needing to meet that obligation given the love that they have for their children. Yet at the same time, they may not be taking the steps necessary to ensure their children's continued support were something to happen to them. No one knows when they may meet an unexpected end, and thus few may plan for it. Indeed, information shared by the website ThinkAdvisor.com shows that while 85 percent of consumers recognize the need for life insurance, only 62 percent actually have it. 

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