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Child support for children with disabilities

Supporting a child in San Antonio following a divorce can place a severe financial burden upon you. Many of those that we here at The Law Office of Roland R. Esparza work with who are in similar situations may find that burden to be even heavier if their children suffer from disabilities. Child support payments from your ex-spouse may serve to ease some of the monetary strain you may be feeling, yet the unique nature of your child’s condition may require an additional obligation from your ex and possibly even you.

What if you lose your job and cannot pay child support?

It may go without saying that losing your job in San Antonio will almost definitely affect your ability to pay child support. If that does happen, what are you to do? Do not fall into the trap of thinking that you do not need to do anything, and that the court will simply look upon your current situation with leniency. There are allowances made in cases where your financial situation has changed drastically, but only to a certain degree. Rather than violating your court order by stopping your child support payments, your best bet may be to seek a modification.

Detailing the process of petitioning the court for enforcement

Many in San Antonio may view being awarded the right to receive child support as the final hurdle that custodial parents face in supporting their kids. However, several may later come to us here at The Law Office of Roland R. Esparza, P.C. needing legal assistance to have their child support agreements enforced. If your ex-spouse has fallen behind on his or her child support payments, you may want to familiarize yourself with the legal process of having his or her obligation enforced by the court in the event your case requires it.

Invalidating child abuse accusations in custody hearings

It has been our experience here at The Law Office of Roland R. Esparza, P.C. that when child custody disputes arise between San Antonio couples, almost nothing is considered to be “out of bounds.” The high levels of emotion involved in these cases can often lead people to suggest that their ex-spouses pose a risk to their children. Some may even make accusations of child abuse. If this has happened to you, know that the Texas Family Code has policies and procedures in place to help determine the validity of such an accusation.

Understanding adult child support

Most in San Antonio may likely assume that those paying child support are only required to do so until their children are old enough to provide for themselves. In most cases, that assumption would be correct. Texas law typically ends one’s child support obligations when his or her children marry or reach the age of 18. Yet what of those children who are disabled? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 53 American adults live with some form of disability. Reaching a certain age may not necessarily guarantee them the sudden ability to support themselves.

Life insurance requirements for parents paying child support

For many of those parents in San Antonio who receive child support payments, that money may represent a significant portion of their household income. In fact, according to information shared by the U.S. Census Bureau, child support payments accounted for over 70 percent of the mean annual income for parents living below the poverty line in 2013. Given the reliance that so many have on this money, one may wonder what happens if the parent paying child support dies while still under this obligation.

Determining child support with kids in multiple households

For many that divorce in San Antonio, the dream of finding love again and remarrying may be very much alive. However, as we at The Law Office of Roland R. Esparza, P.C. have seen, doing so can potentially complicate matters for those paying child support. Yet if you do remarry and find yourself having to support children in multiple households, the law does allow you to revisit your original child support agreement.

Determining health insurance coverage for children of divorce

While the quality of healthcare available to children in San Antonio and throughout the rest of the U.S. is among the finest in the world, it often comes at a great cost. The skyrocketing costs of medical services may often deter parents from taking their kids to the doctor due to limitations with or a lack of health insurance coverage. Indeed, the Child Trends Data Bank reports that as recently as 2013, only 60 percent of kids in America were covered under private health insurance plans.

Law requires man to support child born to his long-estranged wife

Many couples in San Antonio may choose to separate for a short period of time in hopes that the distance and time apart may solve any marital issues that they may be experiencing. However, if they ultimately discover that their differences are irreconcilable and decide to end their marriages, it likely may be beneficial to them to go through the divorce process rather than simply staying separated. Texas Family Law is highly structured, and while avoiding having to deal with it may save one from a little bit of unwanted hassle in the short term, such a decision could come back to haunt him or her later.

Defining wage and salary presumption guidelines for child support

Here at The Law Office of Roland R. Esparza, P.C., many of the San Antonio clients with whom we work question how to accurately determine how much a parent can reasonably pay in child support. If you and your ex-spouse are able to come to an agreement on child support on your own, then the court will likely respect that. However, if you are not, then the decision of determining child support payments falls to the courts own formula. Before applying that formula, however, the assets that your ex-spouse has available from which to make child support payments must be determined.