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Online accounts pose risks during divorce

Individuals going through a divorce need to be sure that they restrict access to online social media and financial accounts that they may share with their spouses.

Individuals thinking of divorce might be very uncertain about what their futures hold. They might be spending all of their time considering whether or not divorce is the right decision for them, and once they decide to move forward, they may feel a great sense of relief.

However, there are several things that need to be done at this time, and some may not know what they should be doing prior to filing for divorce. While many individuals might have spent some time preparing for the financial implications of divorce, including freezing joint accounts or ending shared credit cards, they also need to keep an eye on their social media postings as well, in order to prevent the other party from using this information against them during the divorce proceedings.

This is especially important for those couples who may maintain combined profiles or the sharing of email addresses. If both sides know the passwords for these accounts, all of the information being exchanged could eventually show up at trial. Spouses need to close these accounts, or, change the passwords, in order to prevent this information from falling into the wrong hands.

In addition to these social media sites, couples also need to make sure they end any automatic bill paying accounts that they may have set up on certain websites. Some of these accounts may be currently paid with the assets of one of the spouses, and after divorce, that spouse may not have access to the benefits being provided by these companies. Both spouses may know the passwords associated with these accounts, which means they could make unapproved changes that deplete the other’s resources.

If you believe that divorce may be in your future, you should discuss your situation with an experienced family law attorney. Your attorney will be able to explain the divorce process to you, and help you understand what you will need to do to protect yourself.

While you may feel overwhelmed at this time, it is very important that you remain focused on the big picture. Some people try to hurry through the process as soon as possible, giving little thought to the consequences of their decisions. This often leaves them in a terrible position once things have been finalized.

You do not want to make these same mistakes. Your situation is unique, and you need to work with someone who is committed to pursuing a resolution that is in your best interests. This will allow you to efficiently finalize your divorce, and focus on the next chapter of your life.

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