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Take steps to develop a successful co-parenting relationship after a divorce

Often, the transition for children whose parents are divorcing can be challenging and filled with emotion. In such situations, parents would be wise to make efforts to help their children from feeling overwhelmed by the changes taking place.

While it may not be possible to completely relieve the anxieties children are bound to feel during a divorce, parents can take precautions to help ease the transition. Children are likely to respond to the tone and attitude taken by their parents, and will benefit from parents who have taken steps to avoid tension.

Remain neutral when talking about your former spouse to your children

One of the most important things a parent can do following a divorce is to refrain from speaking negatively about the other parent when around the children. While it may be tempting to express frustrations – particularly when it comes to issues regarding child support and child custody arrangements – it is best to leave those conversations for times when the children are not present.

Instead, maintaining a neutral – or, if possible, even positive – tone when talking about your former spouse when your children are around will make them more comfortable. In addition, it may ease the feeling children often have of being stuck in the middle of the arguments between their parents.

Keep a consistent schedule

Another way to make children feel more comfortable during a transition is to ensure a routine is maintained, despite the changes. Although the children may now be living in two different homes – if the parents have a joint custody agreement – keeping a regular schedule will make their living situation feel normal. Consequently, making efforts to ensure the children continue to attend their after-school activities and maintaining a regular bedtime can be helpful.

At times, regardless of the child custody agreement, it can be important for both parents to attend the same event – such as birthdays and graduations. In such situations, it is important for parents to act cordially when in front of their children, if possible. Being able to take part in those special events will make an impact on your children.

In order to maintain consistent schedules, keeping an open line of communication with your former spouse can be particularly helpful. While this can be challenging following a divorce, parents have options apart from direct, verbal communication to facilitate regular communication. For instance, some parents find emails and text messages to be the easiest form of communication.

Parents who are struggling with child custody agreements ought to seek the advice of a skilled family law attorney to ensure their rights are protected.