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San Antonio Legal Blog

Help your children adjust to a new life after your divorce

Child custody battles often spill over into every area of the child's life. As a parent, you might want to protect them as much as you can from the drama. They'll likely still know that things are amiss, so you'll have to work closely with them to help them adjust to the new way of life.

There are many things that your children might need during this time. It's imperative that you let them know that they can talk to you about anything and that you'll help them in every manner possible throughout the transition. Try to be open with your feelings about the situations they need to know about. This can help them to understand that it is perfectly normal to experience a range of emotions.

Speeding drivers put everyone at risk

If you have spent any amount of time on the road in Texas, speeding probably seems pretty common. However, just because something is common does not mean that it is safe. Speed is a significant factor in serious and fatal accidents. Unfortunately, it does not matter that you are a safe driver who sticks to the speed limit when there are speeding drivers all around you.

In 2018, speed factored into 13% of all crashes that involved either injuries or fatalities. Around 9,000 people died because of speeding that year, which is 26% of all car accident deaths. Despite these figures, speed limits are still on the rise.

Drunk drivers cause injuries or death every 20 minutes in Texas

Drunk driving is a problem throughout the United States. In Texas, there's an injury or death caused by a drunk driver approximately ever 20 minutes. The issue with this is that every one of those atrocious events is preventable. Drivers don't have to operate a vehicle while they're intoxicated. They can utilize alternative options for getting to their destination.

Some people who consume alcohol assume that they can safely drive, but this likely isn't the case. While Texas law sets the legal limit for most adult drivers at .08 percent for the blood alcohol concentration, having a BAC of as low as .02 percent can result in some loss of judgment. This can have a negative impact on the person's ability to drive a vehicle.

Military members may enjoy virtual visits with their children

Parents who are in the military often face deployments that last months. During that time, they don't have time with their children. When they are still married to the child's other parent, they may get to see them on video chats and have communication with them without having to think much about it. When the service member is divorced from the child's other parent, this won't likely happen automatically.

Some service members rely on virtual visitation guidelines in their parenting plans. Texas is one of the states that allows this, so consider this option if you're in the military and concerned about being able to stay in touch with your children when you can't be with them in person.

Tanker trucks are major hazards on the roadways

Tanker trucks get things like milk and gas around the nation, but the drivers of these rigs must ensure that they're operating them safely or they can put others around them at risk. One hazard that's present is that the liquids within the tanker can slosh around and surge, which can cause the trucker to lose control. While there are some systems in place that can reduce the risk of these occurring, the trucker must still be very careful.

There are several ways that a trucker can further reduce the chance that something is going to happen. Making sure they aren't speeding is important, especially around curves. These tankers shouldn't go the speed limit. Ideally, they'll stay 10 miles per hour under the speed limit for curves in the road. The issue is that driving too fast around curves can cause a rollover if the liquid sloshes to one side.

Don't let your ex force your hand during the divorce

Going through a divorce is a time of big changes. Some people don't deal with this well and work hard to make sure that those around them are as miserable as possible. When you're divorcing someone who can't find their own happiness or peace, there's a chance that you'll end up in a very contentious legal battle. This can add more stress to the divorce if you don't handle the situation correctly.

As you go through the divorce process with someone who is trying to fight you on everything, remember that you can't give up on protecting your own interests. They're going to try to wear you down, so you'll agree to their demands. This isn't ever what you should do. Be sure that your attorney is prepared to fight for you if this starts to happen.

There aren't any quick solutions for driver fatigue

Drivers on the roads must ensure that they're able to drive safely. There are many preventable causes of crashes that must be avoided. Unfortunately, some drivers choose to try to push the limits with these. One contributing factor to crashes that's preventable is fatigue. Drivers who operate vehicles while they're fatigued don't have the ability to react to hazards in a suitable manner.

The best way for drivers to combat fatigue is to get ample sleep before they get behind the wheel. Some drivers might try other ways to stay awake, including caffeine pills and playing music. While these methods might work as a short-term solution to help a driver get to where they need to be, they aren't a long-term solution that will last hours.

Watch out for drunk drivers on Texas roads

If you've ever been driving along a Texas highway when another driver cuts you off or speeds up dangerously close to your bumper, you know how frightening it can be. As a licensed driver, you owe your fellow motorists an obligation to adhere to traffic laws to keep them and yourself as safe as possible. They owe you that same obligation. 

Drunk drivers are menaces to the roadway. If an intoxicated driver veers out of his or her lane and hits you as you are heading in the opposite direction, you might suffer serious, even life-threatening injuries. This is why it is important to know how to recognize signs of possible intoxication as you scan your surroundings while navigating Texas roads. 

Reap the benefits from equal parenting time

Trying to determine what type of parenting arrangement is right for your situation is important, but it can often present a challenge. One option is that the parents share the children as equally as possible. This type of arrangement is good for the kids, and the parents can benefit from it, too.

The children have the benefit of having time with both parents. This enables them to build relationships with them. The parents also benefit from having the children with them as much as possible.

Truck crash sends 2 children to a Houston area hospital

Time is precious to us, and Texans tend to hit the gas when they have a great distance to cover. Indeed, the Lone Star State has longer distance drives than most places in the United States. But our safety is an even more precious resource, and our children often top the list of priorities for safety.

This is why it is especially important to be safe on the road. Children in vehicles can be seriously injured or even killed in car or truck accidents, and they are never at fault. Two children ended up critically injured after a three-vehicle collision that began with a truck crash.