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The basics of car seat safety

When Texas residents get into a motor vehicle collision, they may worry that their child has sustained an injury. When young children are properly secured in their car seats, they are typically safer if a collision occurs, so it is important for people to understand the basics of car seat safety.

Many parents may not realize there is more to car seat safety than simply placing their child in the seat. Safe Kids Worldwide says it is also important for parents to make sure they have followed the basic safety guidelines. This means that parents need to make sure they have the correct car seat for their child. It is also important for people to make sure they install this seat properly. When parents place a car seat in their backseat, they install it incorrectly about three quarters of the time. It is important for parents to make sure they use this seat in the right way because it is 71 percent more likely that a child will survive a car accident when his or her car seat is set up properly.

Is it dangerous to stop on the freeway shoulder?

Sometimes you have no choice but to pull over to the shoulder when you are on the interstate. After all, you’re not going very far when you just got a flat tire or you are experiencing engine trouble. However, you and other Texas residents may want to think twice before pulling over on the freeway to double-check your directions or grab a snack from the trunk. Even stopping for a few moments on a busy freeway can have deadly consequences.

This point was tragically driven home be a recent fatal truck crash on Interstate 35 in Oklahoma. According to KXII News, a Texas truck driver was pulled over on the shoulder of the highway when another trucker, also from Texas, reportedly went off the road and plowed into the parked big rig. The second truck driver did not survive the crash, but the first trucker was treated for minor injuries. Authorities did not speculate on why the driver veered onto the shoulder or why the first truck driver was pulled over, but you can see how devastating it can be if you are pulled over and any vehicle, especially a truck, collides with your parked vehicle.

Tips for dads paying child support

One of the most difficult aspects of getting a divorce is dealing with court orders for support payments. The process of splitting up and dividing your property is hard enough on your finances, so it can be stressful to manage child support on top of all of it.

While it can be distressing at times, it is crucial to remember that you should do everything in the best interest of your child. Keep the following guidelines in mind regarding child support payments.

Potential consequences of sharing divorce details on social media

At the Law Office of Roland R. Esparza, P.C., we understand social media. There is some satisfaction to be had in sharing an opinion on Twitter, posting an inspiring photo on Instagram or updating your status on Facebook. However, not all things are meant to be shared publicly, especially the details of your divorce. Before you head to Facebook for solace, you and other Texas residents should understand what might happen if you overshare about your legal proceedings.

Prevention explains that sharing too much information of a sensitive nature like a divorce on social media can result in ramifications you did not expect. Friends and family members you thought you could count on may react the opposite, taking sides or even “spying” for your spouse, especially if you blocked him or her from seeing your social media posts. Posting a juicy play-by-play on your divorce or getting into arguments online can look bad to your boss or a potential employer. One of the worst consequences of talking about your divorce online, however, can involve the child custody or property division agreement. For example, your ex could claim you are hiding assets or that you do not care about getting custody of your children if you post pictures of yourself living it up at a party, enjoying new purchases or going on dates.

Risk of drunk driving accidents increases near New Year’s Eve

Once Christmas is over, don’t breathe a sigh of relief yet about intoxicated drivers on the road. New Year’s Eve is just around the corner, and as we at the Law Office of Roland R. Esparza, P.C., are aware, this is a prime time for drunk driving accidents in Texas and across the country.

Law enforcement officers have been on the alert for drunk drivers throughout the holiday season, since people often enjoy office Christmas parties and other festivities with alcohol. As the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration points out, the number of alcohol-related crashes increases around the holidays. Over the past five years, about 300 people across the country were killed in drunk driving accidents during the week between Christmas and New Year’s. It may dismay you to learn that in December 2016, 781 people were killed in alcohol-related crashes.

Can you get a legal separation in Texas?

If you live in Texas and you and your spouse have serious marital difficulties but do not want to divorce, you may wonder if you can get a legal separation instead. Many states have statutory provisions for legal separations, but as explains, Texas, unfortunately, is not one of those states

So what do you do if you and your spouse believe you need a separation, but you cannot obtain one in Texas? With respect to some things, you can work around the lack of a specific legal separation law. For instance, you can have and maintain separate residences while still legally married to each other.

How common is substance abuse among truck drivers?

For many motorists across Texas, sharing the road with semi-truck drivers can prove challenging, with the sheer mass of commercial trucks making them difficult to see or maneuver around even under the best of circumstances. However, when the people sitting behind the wheel of these vehicles are also under the influence of drugs or alcohol, the repercussions are too often catastrophic.

According to the American Addiction Centers, trucker substance abuse is a pervasive problem in America, and it is one that can potentially impact everyone on the nation’s roadways. Today’s truckers are turning to drugs or alcohol for a variety of reasons, among them boredom, loneliness and a desire to cover more miles faster. Regardless of their reasoning for using drugs or alcohol on the job, however, doing so can have a substantial and negative impact on performance, potentially compromising everything from vision and alertness to reaction time.

Are you headed for a post-holiday divorce?

The holidays can be a stressful time for most families. Not only do you have to get your Christmas shopping done and deal with the crowds, you might also be feeling the pinch in your wallet and a touch of impatience with your family members. This can be especially true if you and your spouse have not been getting along. If you are considering a divorce, you are not alone. Many people in Texas and elsewhere decide to call their marriage quits soon after the holiday season.

In fact, the first few months of the year are known as divorce season to many family law attorneys, according to Business Insider. It has been reported that law firms see a spike in divorce filings in January, with divorces peaking in February and March. Why might you and others be so keen to file for divorce in the new year? The following situations are common:

  • Holiday stress and contention might erode an already rocky marriage.
  • People ready for a fresh start might consider a New Year’s divorce.
  • Couples who have already decided to split may want to wait until the holidays are over before filing.
  • It could make sense financially to file for divorce at the beginning of the tax year.

The link between road construction and car crashes

Nowadays, road construction is virtually unavoidable across San Antonio and the surrounding communities, but navigating through it can prove difficult and dangerous for some drivers. Even if you remain vigilant and exercise extreme care when making your way through work zones, other motorists may not do the same. The combination of construction equipment, unclear traffic patterns and negligent drivers can, in many cases, prove deadly.

Just how many car crashes are taking place in the country’s construction zones?

How can enjoy the holidays if I don’t have my kids with me?

Co-parenting after your divorce is often called a juggling act, but you know it’s a lot more painful than that. To you, it can often seem like a tug-of-war. This is never truer for single parents in Texas than during the holiday season, when you and your ex are forced to trade off having the kids on major holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. After your divorce, the holidays you used to cherish now become painful reminders of happier days, especially if you find yourself spending Christmas morning alone.

There are many ways to enjoy the holidays even when the children are spending time with the other parent, as the Huffington Post points out. The following tips might help you lessen the pain on a lonely holiday and build new memories:

  • Start new traditions with your kids for those holidays you won’t have them, such as a big dinner and opening presents on Christmas Eve.
  • Plan to do something fun with friends or family if you think you might be lonely when the kids go to your ex’s.
  • Have a “staycation” and a day of self-care, such as going to a movie, reading a book in a hot bath with some wine or getting a massage.
  • Remember that your children’s other parent probably misses the kids when they are away too, and make an effort to help your ex enjoy his or her time with them.