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February not just for lovers; divorce filing percentages soar

February is often regarded as the month of love. After all, the biggest holiday for lovers, Valentine's Day, occurs right in the middle of it. But as a new study suggests, it also may be the month for the largest amount of divorce filings.

These results may shock some living the San Antonio area, but according to one expert on family law, it is really not all that surprising. He claims that Valentine's Day can be the last straw on an already weakened relationship. Couples may put a lot of weight on what happens on that day to determine if they will stay in the relationship or not.

Another reason February may see an upswing in the number of divorces may have nothing to do with Valentine's Day at all, but rather the time of year. A divorce columnist offered his hypothesis of why this is. He points to the fact that in some areas of the country the month is cold, effectively keeping a married couple cooped up in the house, where tensions can rise. He also notes that because January is known as the month for the most bankruptcies, the financial strain can affect couples negatively.

The study claims that February sees nearly an 18 percent increase in divorce filings compared to other months of the year. The day after Valentine's Day is especially popular.

Whatever the reason for divorce, if you are considering filing one, it can be beneficial to speak with a lawyer. An attorney can help you successfully navigate through the process and ensure that your interests are protected.

Source:, "Day after Valentine's kicks off divorce season," Chris Isidore, Feb. 15, 2013

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