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NBA star Steve Nash embroiled in child support battle

In the state of Texas, the noncustodial parent, or parent that does not have physical custody of the child, is typically responsible for paying child support to the custodial parent. The amount of child support is based on a variety of factors including net salary and the number of children.

One famous NBA basketball player is trying to avoid paying child support because he claims that he does not want his ex-wife to spoil their children with the money. Steve Nash just signed on with the Lakers last year, inking a deal worth around $27 million for three years. Now it looks like his ex-wife wants a part of that for their three children. 

One could argue that Nash’s ex-wife is already receiving a boatload of money. She received a reported $5 million alone when the two divorced and gets $30,000 a month. In addition, Nash pays for all but a small percentage of the children’s medical and school expenses and their nanny’s salary.

Nash’s ex-wife is currently appealing a 2010 decision made by a judge that ruled Nash would not be responsible for paying child support. The decision will be left up to a family court judge.

Although you may or may not have quite the same income as Steve Nash, if you are currently in a child support battle, you need to make sure your interests are protected. This can be done by hiring a lawyer to represent you in court and help you successfully navigate the legal system. 

Source: International Business Times, “Steve Nash Child Support Battle: Lakers Guard In Financial Duel With Ex-Wife,” Anthony Riccobono, May 1, 2013