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How to handle matters when a divorce settlement turns ugly

In almost all cases divorce is an unpleasant situation for those involved. Unfortunately, many times when a couple decides to split up they disagree on just about everything. When a couple in the San Antonio area, or anywhere else, decides to divorce and the process turns ugly, there are measures one can take to overcome the situation.

One of the biggest problems likely to arise in divorce is a battle over a couple’s assets. These battles can lead to serious arguments and many times even threats by one or both of the parties involved. At times those threats can cause fear and anxiety to the person on the receiving end, but there are things a person can do to deal with those threats and irrational statements.

First, if a person is ever threatened with injury or other harm he or she should seek legal help right away. If the threats have more to do with just the financial aspects of the divorce one should begin by taking notes, which can be shared with one’s divorce lawyer. Secondly, a person should understand the laws. The law will dictate how the financial matters will be resolved, not an angry spouse’s threats. Lastly, don’t reciprocate threats if you have been threatened.

There’s no question that divorce can be difficult for both of the people involved, but by educating oneself with some of these concepts a person can avoid feeling overwhelmed by irrational threats. Having an experienced divorce lawyer on one’s side is also usually very helpful.


Source: Forbes, “How to cope with your husband's financial threats during divorce,” Jeff Landers, Jan. 8, 2014

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