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Rapper claims he's unable to pay child support despite wealth

Anytime a couple in San Antonio, or anywhere else, creates a child together both parties have a responsibility to take care of that child. Even when a couple decides to split up they still have that same responsibility.

Famous rapper Ludacris is facing a child support battle over a baby he apparently fathered with Tamika Fuller. However, according to reports, the singer, who’s real name is Christopher Bridges, is trying to fight Ms. Fuller’s request for child support. According to one report, Mr. Bridges has claimed that he makes an average of just over $25,000 a month. That means that because he lives in Georgia his monthly child support bill would be about $1750 a month.

However, according to another report, Mr. Bridges is said to be worth more than $75 million. Meantime, Forbes Magazine reports that the rapper and actor made $12 million in 2013 alone. Other reports note that Mr. Bridges recently purchased a new home for $4.8 million and that he is currently selling two other properties, both of which are worth nearly $880,000.

If all of these reports are true, it would appear that Mr. Bridges is worth a lot more than he claims, and he would therefore be capable of paying much more in child support than $1750 a month. Either way, Ms. Fuller may want to speak with an experienced child support attorney in order to receive a fair amount in monthly payments. Likewise, anyone in the San Antonio area who is facing a child support battle may want to do the same.


Source: Latin Post, “Ludacris songs list 2014: Rapper says he can't pay child support, buys $5 million house,” Scharon Harding, Jan. 3, 2014

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