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Woman claims Texans star is father of her unborn child

Anytime a man and a woman in San Antonio have a child together but decide to go their separate ways, the child can be the one who ends up suffering. On top of the fact that the child may not have the love and support from both parents, sometimes, one of the parents may not want any relationship with the child at all. However, parents are legally obligated to support their children no matter what.

Houston Texans star running back Arian Foster is facing a lawsuit from a woman who claims that the NFL star is the father of her unborn child and that he has already attempted to sway her to have an abortion. According to reports, Mr. Foster has filed a response to the woman’s suit but details of that response have not been publicly reported.

According to the suit, the woman claims to have DNA proof that Mr. Foster is the father of her child, with whom she has been pregnant for 17 weeks. In her suit she is said to be seeking child support and a restraining order to keep Mr. Foster from making further attempts to convince her to abort the baby. She is also seeking undisclosed damages for emotional distress.

If Mr. Foster is indeed the father of this unborn child, then a judge could rule that he is responsible to pay the woman child support. When one parent decides to neglect his or her financial obligations to his or her child, then the custodial parent may want to seek the help of an experienced child support attorney.


Source: Time, “Arian Foster sued by woman who claims he pressured her to get an abortion,” Eliana Dockterman, Jan. 14, 2014

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