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After marriage that lasted three days ex-wife suing for alimony

For many couples, including some in the San Antonio area, divorce can be a heartbreaking thing to experience. Unfortunately, many couples decide to go their separate ways even after years of marriage. On the other hand, some couples are only married for a short time before they decide to split up. So should all divorce settlements be treated the same?

Rachel Snider is apparently suing her ex-husband, former NFL star Terrell Owens, even though they were married for just 72 hours. According to reports, Ms. Snider claims that she should be able to continue the lifestyle she was used to while she was married to Mr. Owens. She is reportedly seeking alimony from her ex-husband and she wants him to pay for her legal bills, as well.

According to court papers in his divorce filing, Mr. Owens asked for Ms. Snider to pay for the legal bills of the divorce. In response, Ms. Snider wants to drop Owens as her last name and she is also seeking to prove that the couple did share community property even though their marriage only lasted for three days.

Although their marriage was very short, it will be up to a judge to decide if Mr. Owens is responsible to pay Ms. Snider any spousal support. Regardless of how long you’ve been married, going through divorce can be a difficult process. Therefore, if you are facing a divorce then you might want to seek the help of an experienced divorce attorney before making any important decisions.

Source: TMZ, “Terrell Owen's wife: He's gonna pay for this divorce!,” Mar. 7, 2014

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