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Texas common law guidelines at heart of divorce dispute

While more and more couples across the state of Texas and the entire country are choosing to live together and start families out of wedlock, state guidelines regarding common-law marriage can complicate the dissolution of such relationships. In fact, some people can find themselves facing the prospect divorce without ever being married.

If a man and woman agree to marry at some point in the future and live together in the state of Texas, they may be considered married under state law. Consequently, one man recently filed for divorce, claiming that he and a celebrity musician are technically married in the state. According to the man, he and the artist began living together in the fall and 2008, and planned to get married.

A representative for the musician claims, however, that the man is simply pining for media attention. The two parties were already apparently involved in a legal dispute over music rights, and any validation of the couple’s marriage could make the artist’s work subject to property division. In response to the man’s allegations, the musician’s representatives also argue that she would have been under the age of 18 at the time of allegedly agreeing to marry.

Some relationships, along with the end of those relationships, can be challenging to address under the law. Couples who have been together for any amount of time may not be fully aware of if and how common-law guidelines apply to them. It is for that reason that anyone with questions or concerns about common-law marriage and divorce can speak to an attorney today.

Source: The Christian Post, “Iggy Azalea Divorce News: Artist Served With Divorce Papers Even Though She’s Never Married,” Arvin Donguines, Oct. 16, 2014

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