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What are military child support guidelines?

If you or your child’s other parent are a member of the armed forces, you may have questions or concerns over how child support arrangements are determined and enforced for service members. In addition to being bound by state and federal child support guidelines, military members are obligated to comply with mandates outlined by their appropriate branch of service.

When considering how military service can affect child support arrangements, the National Military Family Association explains that active duty military parents retain all of the same rights as civilian parents. You or your child’s other parent’s active military status doesn’t necessarily preclude you, therefore, from gaining primary custody of your child. Conversely, your military status also does not prohibit you from being held liable for child support payments.

The amount of child support that you or your child’s other parent are obligated to provide can depend on a number of factors similar to those that apply in the civilian cases, including the number and ages of your children and the terms of your family’s specific visitation schedule. And when it comes enforcing your child support agreement, it is important to note that the military can act as the employer to collect due child support payments through wage garnishment.

As with any child support case, a number of other factors can be taken into consideration when determining whether and how you can be held responsible for providing financial support to your children. Therefore, the information provided here may not apply to your case.

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