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How can networking and social media impact divorce proceedings?

Every day, you and countless other people across the state of Texas engage in a number of different forms of communication, relying on everything from text messages to email messages to social media pages to communicate with family and friends. And while such mediums are becoming increasingly common in just about every aspect of life, they can complicate and even compromise divorce proceedings in many cases.

The Forbes Magazine website discusses some of the divorce legal issues that can result from the use of electronic communications, and explains that many different types of interactions can be used as evidence during divorce litigation. For instance, the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers estimated that Facebook and other social media outlets serve as a primary source of evidence in a vast majority of divorce disputes. Status updates, profile pictures and comments can all be used to illustrate any number of claims in court. And given that such content can easily be taken out of context and/or manipulated, it can prove to be detrimental in anything from property division to child custody negotiations.

Text messages are another type of communication that is increasingly becoming a factor in divorce cases, and other kinds of content stored on smartphones can also come into play in some cases. It is also important to keep in mind that dating during divorce proceedings is discouraged in most cases. Therefore online dating is also generally considered a bad idea. Online dating profiles and related conversations can be accessed and used by your soon-to-be ex-spouse as evidence against you in court, as any or all of the communications discussed above could potentially be used to allege adultery or other transgressions.

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