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Texas spousal support award lengths and limitations

Texas family law guidelines outlining the terms under which spousal support can be awarded and/or amended are intended to be consistent, but do account for unique circumstances. As a result, people engaged in divorce proceedings often have questions and concerns about how current spousal support rules apply to their case. Provided below is a brief overview of current policies for determining the amount of time that a person may be entitled to receive spousal support in Texas.

According to Chapter 8 of the Texas Family Code, any Texas family law decision on spousal support can depend upon a number of factors. For instance, a spouse’s eligibility for spousal maintenance can hinge on details like the length of the marriage in question and his or her ability to earn sufficient income. Spousal support arrangements can vary considerably from case to case as a result.

Guidelines for determining how long spousal support may be awarded to a person following divorce are similarly complex in the way that they take a number of factors into consideration. The Ford Hood Sentinel explains that changes have been made to this section of the Texas Family Code in recent years, expanding spousal support award amounts and periods. For instance, a person may now be eligible to receive spousal support for up to 10 years, depending on factors like the length of the marriage. There are also circumstances under which spousal maintenance can be awarded for an indefinite amount of time, such as in cases involving permanent disability. In other cases, however, spousal support is awarded under strict and limited terms in order to account for the recipient’s ability to earn sufficient income.

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