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Authorities apprehend several people over unpaid child support

From custody disputes to property division, divorce often presents a number of challenges for couples. However, child support matters can be particularly difficult for some people in San Antonio, and across the entire state of Texas. There are a number of child support issues people deal with, whether someone is not receiving child support they deserve or is worried about not being able to pay their child support. For people in this position, properly addressing their troubles in a timely manner is absolutely necessary.

Law enforcement officials in Arizona recently apprehended nine people due to unpaid child support. Over 90 arrest warrants were issued and authorities took two women and seven men into custody. According to a press release, most of the individuals who were being pursued by investigators had moved to a new address or were no longer living in Pinal County.

One of the individuals arrested, a 40-year-old man, owed $3,000. Another, a 37-year-old woman, owed over $1,400. The arrests, which took place over a three-day period, resulted in the collection of nearly $14,000 worth of bond monies.

Whether a parent needs help with medical expenses or the cost of a child's education, there are many reasons why parents count on child support. When they don't receive these payments, daily life can become incredibly difficult. At the same time, when someone fails to pay child support, they could face jail time and other challenges. For some people who are struggling with child support issues, consulting a knowledgeable legal professional can help tremendously.

Source:, "9 arrested in Pinal Co. child support sweep," Shelley Shelton, June 20, 2015

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