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What is an LES?

When military couples in San Antonio choose to divorce, there are a number of unique military documents that need be examined relative to their proceedings. One of these is a Leave and Earnings Statement, and while you and your spouse may be well-acquainted with it, you may not realize just how important it can be during a divorce. The website reported that the divorce rate amongst military families was 3.1 percent in 2014. If you and your spouse are among those numbers, having a strong knowledge of how your documents apply to your military divorce proceedings is vital.

Your spouse’s LES basically serves as his or her military pay stub. Just like with a traditional statement of earnings, it breaks down his or her compensation on a bi-weekly basis. The information included in an LES is grouped into the following three distinct sections:

  •          Entitlements: This details your spouse’s standard military pay, as well as any special compensation that he or she receives, including bonuses and hazard pay.
  •          Allotments: These are those amounts allotted for bank accounts and loan repayments.
  •          Deductions: Included in the deductions sections is the money withheld for taxes and Social Security benefits.

The information used to determine the division of property, as well as the amounts your spouse will owe in spousal and child support payments, comes primarily from the LES. However, while these documents serve the same basic purpose as a pay stub, they certainly are not structured that way. Thus, your knowledge of the LES is vital in deciphering this document. Having an attorney who also knows how to read an LES may be helpful, as well. 

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