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Law requires man to support child born to his long-estranged wife

Many couples in San Antonio may choose to separate for a short period of time in hopes that the distance and time apart may solve any marital issues that they may be experiencing. However, if they ultimately discover that their differences are irreconcilable and decide to end their marriages, it likely may be beneficial to them to go through the divorce process rather than simply staying separated. Texas Family Law is highly structured, and while avoiding having to deal with it may save one from a little bit of unwanted hassle in the short term, such a decision could come back to haunt him or her later.

That certainly appears to be the case with an Iowa man who recently received some very unwelcome news. He was informed that the wife he had been estranged from for almost 20 years had recently had a child. Given that he is still legally married to the woman, he is now required to pay child support. According to Iowa state law, the couple’s decision to not formally end the marriage leaves him responsible to provide for any children that she has, even if he is not their father.

In this case, this man does have the option of going to court to challenge his paternity. However, one may be quick to point out that had he taken the necessary steps to get a divorce back when he and his wife chose to separate, he likely would not be in this predicament. His tale may serve as a cautionary one to those in similar situations. Those certain that their marriages are over may do well to work with a qualified family law attorney to get a divorce and avoid the potential of scenarios such as this one from confronting them in the future.

Source: WGN-TV “Man protests law requiring him to pay child support for another man’s child” Mar. 24, 2016

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