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Former baseball star and wife end their 29-year marriage

Many in San Antonio likely know at least one married couple that they would classify as being immune from marital problems. However, simply because a couple is able to treat each amicably in public and does not choose to air its “dirty laundry” in front of others does not mean that it enjoys an absence of marital strife. Issues can arise in any marriage, and in many cases, they may easily be able to drive a seemingly devoted couple apart. Oftentimes, there may be not be a reason given for such a split other than a couple simply having irreconcilable differences.

Residents of Maryland (and particularly fans of the Baltimore Orioles) may have recently been surprised to learn that iconic former player Cal Ripken Jr. recently finalized his divorce from his wife. Ripken had been known for expressing continual gratitude and support for his wife throughout his playing career, yet information released since the announcement of their separation reveals that the couple had been living apart for close to a year. That details of the reason behind their separation have yet to be given may come as little surprise given that the couple was fiercely protective of their privacy throughout their almost 30 years of marriage.

Even in cases such as this one where it appears that a separation may have been amicable, the actual divorce proceedings may easily become complicated. If there are large amounts of assets to be divided, as well as the issue of child custody and support to be determined, then the odds of enjoying an accelerated divorce case may be slim. No matter how much time a divorce may take to complete, those seeking one may be best served by having an attorney in their corner.

Source: CBS Local “Orioles’ Cal Ripken Jr. and Wife Kelly Finalize Their Divorce” Kartalija, Jessica, Apr. 28, 2016

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