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Can my ex-spouse’s license be suspended for noncompliance?

Coming to terms on a divorce agreement is just the first step in moving on from your marriage in San Antonio; you then must hope that your now ex-spouse adheres to it. If he or she refuses to, you do have options through which you can ask the court to compel him or her to do so. Most often assume that any enforcement measures that the court may take against one who has failed to follow the terms of his or her divorce agreement will be financial. That is often how the recovery of divorce-related arrears begins, yet if your ex fails to respond to those, are their other enforcement options at your disposal?

One may be to petition to have his or her license suspended. According to the Texas Family Code, the court may order that your ex-spouse’s license be suspended in any of the following scenarios:

  •          He or she owes child support arrears of an amount greater than three months’ worth of payments, and has failed to comply with any repayment schedules set up to recover that amount.
  •          He or she has failed to reply to a subpoena issued by the court over matters related to your case.
  •          He or she has failed to follow the terms of your child custody and visitation agreements.

In your petition, your will need to provide your ex-spouse’s demographic information (i.e., name and social security number), as well as the reason for the petition. If it is due to unpaid child support, you must include the amount he or she currently owes. You must also include the name of the agency which the license you are seeking the suspension of is through. You can petition to suspend a driver’s license or a professional license, or even a hunting or fishing license. 

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