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Details obtained in divorce case could land judge in hot water

If asked, divorcing couples in San Antonio would likely say that they would prefer to keep the details of their proceedings private. Unfortunately, that may be difficult to do in each and every case. Those who choose to take their proceedings to court will see the details become a matter of public record. Also, if one of the parties involved is a public figure, then keeping any details that may be applicable to his or her public persona under wraps might also be difficult.

A district court judge is Michigan is currently learning this lesson the hard way. Thanks to information that came to light during her divorce proceedings, she is now under investigation for potential judicial misconduct. In a motion stemming from her divorce case, it was alleged that she had made personal phone calls to a law enforcement officer who had served as the lead investigator in a murder trial that she had presided over. It has since been revealed through depositions in the divorce case that the two had been involved in an affair.

The judge and her soon-to-be ex-husband recently concluded their divorce proceedings in private with the assistance of a mediator. However, due to the ongoing investigation into her conduct, her husband’s lawyer is compelled to turn over all of the information that has been obtained through the couple’s divorce case over to county prosecutors.

Many couples may not find themselves in positions like the one described above, yet still may struggle in maintaining the privacy of their divorce proceedings. Those concerned about details getting out may wish to work with their attorneys to ensure any information regarding their cases that does not need to be revealed remains private.

Source: WHMI “Settlement reached in Judge Brennan divorce case” Mar. 31, 2017

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