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September 2017 Archives

Teen driver in Frisco crashes into crowd at daycare center

While it is likely understood that new drivers in San Antonio need to be given the chance to develop their skills, such comprehension may not make dealing with the added risk that they present to others any easier. It also may come as little solace to those that they may injure in accidents. While accident victims may understand that there was no ill intent involved on the part of a new driver (or the people that were trying to teach him or her to drive), they may be left with little choice but to pursue compensation in order to cover their accident expenses. 

Covering a child support obligation through life insurance

Those in San Antonio that are obliged to pay child support likely have little problem in needing to meet that obligation given the love that they have for their children. Yet at the same time, they may not be taking the steps necessary to ensure their children's continued support were something to happen to them. No one knows when they may meet an unexpected end, and thus few may plan for it. Indeed, information shared by the website shows that while 85 percent of consumers recognize the need for life insurance, only 62 percent actually have it.