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Retaining FSGLI coverage following divorce

Oftentimes, the spouses of the service members working at any of the many military installations found near San Antonio put their own careers and professional pursuits on hold to support the work of their significant others. This is often only possible thanks to the many benefits that they enjoy on top of their service member spouses' salaries. Given their dependency on their spouses' support, it may come as little surprise to learn that one of the most valued military benefits is life insurance. On top of the coverage that service members receive as part of their regular pay and benefits, their families may also secure additional coverage at discounted rates through Family Service members Group Life Insurance. According to the website, such coverage pays qualifying spouses up to $100,000 in the event of a service member's death. 

Many military spouses often question what happens to that coverage if they get a divorce. Even though they may no longer be married to service members, they may still rely on them for a bulk of their financial support. If they have children with their former service member spouses, then coverage for the kids may still be available. The U.S. Department of Veteran's Affairs shows that dependent children can qualify for up to $10,000 in FSGLI coverage. 

As is the case with a majority of military benefits, coverage for a civilian spouse ends if and when a military couple chooses to divorce. However, according to the VA, the divorced spouse has the option to convert his or her FSGLI coverage over into a commercial policy within 120 days of the dissolution of the marriage without having to provide proof of good health. He or she must simply submit their former spouse's most recent Leave and Earnings statement alongside the application for coverage, along with his or her Certificate of Dissolution of Marriage. 

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