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What are the grounds for filing for divorce?

If you are filing for divorce in Texas, then there is something that happened with your marriage to cause it to end. There are many reasons why a marriage may end, but in any case, you have to go through a legal process to formally end the relationship. Until you have a court ruling, you are still married. When you do file for divorce, the Texas Attorney General, explains you have options when choosing the grounds for your divorce.

The grounds you choose may help you later in the process when trying to get alimony or other support and property division. You have seven options. Some of them are related to actions that occurred in the marriage. For example, you can file on the grounds of cruelty or adultery. You may also file due to the actions of your partner, such as he or she was convicted of a felony or abandoned you.

Another grounds for divorce is if your spouse is confined to a mental hospital for at least the previous three years or if your spouse has a mental disorder that is likely to reoccur or make him or her unable to adjust outside of the hospital. You may also file on the grounds that you have been living separately for at least three years. Finally, you can file a no fault divorce where there is no specific reason other than you wish to no longer be married. This information is for education and is not legal advice.

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