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What are the ways a truck might roll over?

Getting involved in a truck accident is probably one of the most terrifying things you can imagine. As you know, in a duel between a big rig and your vehicle, your car will likely end up the loser. Unfortunately, there are many truck accidents in Texas and elsewhere that result in serious injuries or worse. Truck rollovers are one of the accident risks you face when you share the highways with large commercial 18-wheelers.

Many factors can contribute to a rollover accident, although the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration states that 78 percent of rollovers in the United States are due to driver error. It may interest you to learn that the common reasons for a tipped truck include the following:

  • The driver made a turn that was too tight or too fast.
  • The truck was speeding or driving too fast in unsafe road conditions.
  • A tire blew out, the brakes failed or the truck was otherwise in need of maintenance or repair.
  • Cargo within the big rig was unevenly loaded or too heavy for the trailer.
  • The truck tipped due to road conditions or weather, such as potholes, an unexpected stop in traffic, snow, ice or heavy wind.
  • The driver was distracted, intoxicated, experiencing a medical emergency or driving aggressively.

As you can imagine, getting caught in a rollover accident can be devastating. If you manage to avoid being crushed by a tipped truck, you might be involved in a chain-reaction crash with other drivers attempting to avoid the accident or injured by cargo or spilled diesel fuel.

If you are aware of the factors that contribute to rollover accidents, you may be able to avoid getting injured.

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