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When a divorce agreement is no longer agreeable

Our clients at the Law Office of Roland R. Esparza, P.C., often work hard to reach a divorce agreement with their former spouses. That is why we know exactly what the terms of a divorce mean — in a legal and a personal sense. For the majority of our clients, these documents represent hours of discussions and weeks of waiting.

We respect the gravity of divorces, but we also realize that agreements are not immutable documents. Life is full of unexpected twists and turns, and it is perfectly reasonable to assume that you might find yourself in a situation necessitating the alteration of your divorce terms. We work to develop a strategy that communicates your necessity for a change to both your former spouse, if possible, and the court, if necessary. 

Unfortunately, not every petition to modify a divorce is valid. We know that some of our clients' former spouses might attempt to fabricate evidence in an effort to challenge a divorce they can not alter by legitimate means. We prepare to negate these fraudulent actions through diligent investigation and tenacious representation of our clients' interests.

Whether we are arguing for a change or attempting to shield our clients from unnecessary or overwhelmingly burdensome alterations, we believe that compassionate representation is extremely important. Divorced couples might have spent many years apart by the time one files a petition, so it is our job to re-establish the rapport and avoid court if possible. This is rarely an easy task, but we find that the deeper understanding often results in lasting resolutions to embattled post-divorce situations. Please continue to read on our main site.

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