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Can the average trucker lifestyle negatively impact you?

Over the decades, the life of a trucker has been romanticized in popular culture. Truck drivers get to explore the countryside while being paid for it. However, as many people in Texas are aware, the life of a truck driver is not always so carefree. You probably encounter large trucks every day you are on the road, and you know that often, semi-trucks can be dangerous. The trucker lifestyle may contribute in part to this danger.

Truck driving is a stressful job, as Smart Trucking explains. You may already be aware that truck drivers are often on the road for long hours, driving in isolation. This fact alone can contribute to a host of other problems that may cause accidents, including the following:

  • Drowsiness due to long shifts and monotonous scenery
  • Depression from being away from family and friends for long periods of time
  • Unhealthy eating habits when home cooked meals are substituted with fast food or convenience store snacks
  • Mental and physical effects of sleep deprivation
  • Inadequate physical activity

As you might imagine, a sedentary trucking lifestyle, combined with junk food and inadequate sleep, can cause serious health issues, including obesity, heart problems, diabetes and risk of stroke. Any of these health problems can result in an accident if, for example, a trucker fell asleep or had a heart attack behind the wheel.

Truck drivers deserve to make a good living and enjoy a healthy, rewarding life as much as anyone else. Some may say that the trucking industry is to blame for putting so much pressure on truckers. Regardless of the reason, you may be entitled to compensation if you are injured in a truck accident.

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