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October 2018 Archives

Understanding benefits eligibility after a military divorce

Marrying a Texas resident who is also a member of the U.S. Armed Forces brings with it certain benefits, such as the ability to gain access to TRICARE, which is military health care coverage. Marrying a service member also gives you the opportunity to shop at commissaries, which offer military families tax-free and discounted products, but you may be wondering whether you will still be able to utilize these benefits if your marriage to a service member crumbles. At the Law Office of Roland R. Esparza, P.C., we recognize that military divorce involves special considerations, and we have helped many people involved in military divorces pursue solutions that meet their needs.

4 pre-divorce tips for men

If you are thinking about serving your wife with divorce papers, you may be wondering how to prepare for this process. Your emotions are intense as you consider how a divorce will affect your finances, career, parenthood and mental health. The decision to end your marriage is a significant one that requires certain preparation.

Can a car crash paralyze you?

If you become the victim of a Texas car crash in which you injure your back, the unfortunate answer to the title question is “yes, a car crash can paralyze you.” Where the paralysis occurs depends on which part of your spine becomes injured.

How can I choose the right guardian for my child?

Among the many important tasks a will can accomplish, selecting a guardian for your minor child is perhaps the most vital. While the topic can be unpleasant to consider, failure to put your wishes in writing will result in the court making a decision on your behalf. To help you through the tough selection process, Forbes recommends the following advice.

Accidents involving stalled cars or trucks

When most people think about car accidents, a scenario involving both vehicles moving at high speeds might come to mind. Less often considered, but no less dangerous, are car or truck collisions that involve one vehicle that is standing still. Texas residents might not be fully aware of the dangers when a vehicle has broken down and is stalled in the middle of the highway or at the side of the road.

What is paternity fraud?

As a Texas father, no one need tell you that while your child's biological mother was easily determined when she gave birth to him or her, establishing his or her biological father is not nearly so simple. Although it is true that the State of Texas presumes you to be your child's biological and therefore legal father if you and the mother were married to each other at the time of birth, such is not the case if the two of you were not married when your child was born.

How social media could damage your car injury case

Many people today eagerly share many aspects of their personal lives over social media. However, posting too much information can be a problem if you are the victim of a car accident on a Texas road and are in the midst of a legal case. The reason is because disclosing the wrong information online could be perilous to winning the proper compensation for your injuries. 

Hidden dangers in walking away from a car crash

If you get into a motor vehicle accident and are able to walk away without having to go to the hospital, you certainly are luckier than many other accident victims. However, there are some hidden dangers even for people who seemingly walk away from a car crash unscathed.