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Steroid use and aggressive driving

People take steroids for many different reasons, whether they want to improve their physical appearance or perform at a higher level in a particular sport or activity. However, steroid use can bring a number of unwanted consequences into the lives of users, affecting them from a physical and even emotional point of view in different ways. Also referred to as ‘roid rage’, some people become very aggressive when they are taking steroids. Unfortunately, this can impact their ability to drive and, ultimately, may result in a motor vehicle collision.

Someone who is very aggressive as a result of steroid use may become angry with another driver on the road. They may struggle with road rage and they may be more likely to cut someone off, drive over the speed limit or even start yelling at another driver. Furthermore, someone who may be inexperienced with steroids or stressed out because they recently purchased the drug for the first time may be more likely to drive erratically and cause a crash.

Some people are able to take steroids and drive safely, but it is important to be aware of the ways in which steroids and other drugs can affect driving abilities, especially if you were involved in a crash. Auto accident victims should go over any factors that may be relevant when determining why an accident took place, and this may need to be brought up in the courtroom if legal action is necessary. We believe that auto crash victims should stand up for themselves in the wake of a collision.

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