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Can divorce mediators help with custody disagreements?

On top of the usual matters of divorce like alimony and property division, Texan parents have one other incredibly important aspect to handle: their children. How will you raise them? Who will get custody? How will you work out visitation schedules? It can seem impossible to come to an agreement, especially if you don't get along well.

This is where divorce mediators can come into play. defines mediators as people who acts as a bridge between two opposing parties. In this case, you and your spouse are the parties.

The mediator is there to help you communicate with each other and reach compromises on matters you have trouble seeing eye-to-eye on. They can provide a unique point of view, as they have no personal investment in either side of the divorce and thus have no bias. Matters of child custody are often among the top issues they work with couples on, along with visitation schedules and matters of child support payments.

What mediators can't do is tell you what to do and make decisions for you. They can only dispense advice and suggestions based on what they see, and what they feel would be in the best interest of your child. It is a joint effort between both parties in a divorce along with the mediator to come to conclusions and decisions that work for everyone.

Divorce mediation may still not provide you with the resolutions you are looking for. However, if you believe compromising is possible even if it may be difficult, it is a good option to consider looking into.

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