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September 2019 Archives

How do military couples handle custody?

Texan couples who have children already have to deal with the complex matter of child custody. But what about couples where one or both members are active military members? We at the Law Office of Roland R. Esparza, P.C., are here to discuss your possible options for handling child custody while being in the military.

Texas ranks 6th for red-light-running deaths

While drivers who blow through red lights at intersections pose a threat to motorists everywhere, drivers across Texas face an elevated risk of getting into a red-light-related car wreck and succumbing to their injuries. In fact, CBS Austin reports that Texas ranks sixth in the nation in terms of the number of traffic deaths caused by drivers running red lights, with red-light-running deaths recently reaching a 10-year high in Texas as well as nationally.

A divorce mediator's role in your split

Divorcing Texan couples may need some help along the way with decision-making and working through arguments. This could be where a divorce mediator comes in handy. They can provide guidance and work as a referee of sorts as couples sort out their issues.

What is a safety-related auto defect?

Texan residents like you rely on your car to get where you need to go. Unfortunately, the roads are filled with dangers, some of which may even originate from your own vehicle. For example, defective manufacturing contributes to safety-related auto defects, and you may not even be aware of the recalls.