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Orders Of Non-Disclosure

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You had a brush with the law. Regardless of what the charge was, you got a positive outcome. However, there may still be a mark on your permanent record, a mark that people can see and use to make judgments about you.

They Can’t Make Judgments if They Can’t See Your Record

Our first step will be to determine if you qualify for an expungement. This is a great option for people who had their case dismissed or who were found innocent of the charges against them.

However, there are some situations that an expungement doesn’t cover. For example, if you received a deferred judgment and were placed on probation, you may not qualify for an expungement. Even though you weren’t convicted, you were supervised. That is where a motion for non-disclosure of arrest records comes in.

What Is Non-Disclosure of an Arrest Record?

In many ways, non-disclosure of an arrest record is very similar to an expungement. The end result is almost the same. Your arrest record cannot be seen by potential employers, colleges, or by any individual or business that wishes to see it. While your arrest record is still there, only law enforcement and certain state agencies will be able to view your record. An order of non-disclosure is the next best thing to an expungement.

How an Order of Non-Disclosure Can Help You

How long should you have to pay for the mistakes you made in the past? Should you have trouble getting a job because potential employers can see an arrest that was made when you were much younger?

We believe you shouldn’t.

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